Paducah Amateur Radio Association

Minutes for PARA Meeting

August 14, 2023

Club President KD4GCY-Garry presided and called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag.   Members and Guests were in attendance.

Temporary Secretary, KQ4FWO-Duane read the July Minutes.  Motion was made to accept, voted, and approved.

Club Treasurer KC4WPS- Roger read the minutes of the July treasures report and he noted $100 anonymous donation was presented to the club.  Motion was made to accept, voted, and approved.

KM4LDP-Jeff updated status on Echolink.  It is up, running, and fully operational.  THANKS again to Jeff.

KN4TIP-Michael requested to postpone testing for his most recent youth Technicians class.  This was in order to give more time for studying for taking tests.

ND4X-Paul suggested that testing be done at 6:00 pm before next monthly meeting which starts at 7:00 pm in September.

We welcome our visitors Harrold Luscombe, Melanie Zoeller-KQ4JFI, and Duke Moscon.  Also, congratulations to Duke for passing his Technician exam.

Future Events:

Thunderbirds Air Show at Owensboro on September 15

Big Brown Truck Pull at Paducah on September 16

BBQ on the River at Paducah on September 21-23

Discussion was made on doing a 2 Meter Net for new and old Hams to exchange Q & A sessions on technical advice and operating equipment and etc. in the various fields of the art of amateur radio.

Discussion on ideas for future of Fox Hunts/Tailgate/POTA and etc. for new Hams.

KC4DR-Don Fuller presented a brief presentation on properly Bonding and Grounding on equipment and antennas.   

Net Control:    KQ4FWO-Duane   August 20

                        KY4LDS-Frank     August 27

                        KW4DI-Ken          September 3

                        KN4TIP-Michael    September 10                              

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